Want more success in insurance sales?

   Every one of these is critically important and will improve your odds for success; however, the one thing you can do to most improve your odds for success has nothing to do with the prospect with whom you are about to meet, or even the sales conversation you will be taking to them...
July 13, 2017 | By Kevin Trokey, Merrill Lynch

Indiana Gov. and State GOP Form Joint Fundraising Effort

   Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has started a new entity to raise money for his campaign committee and the state Republican Party. The Team Holcomb political action committee that was launched in late June will split contributions, with 70 percent going to Holcomb's campaign and 30 percent to the state GOP...
July 10, 2017 | By The Journal Gazette


New Jersey Sets Horizon Blue Reserve Cap

   New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie approved deals Tuesday that put a soft cap on how much capital Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey can have, and reopened state campgrounds and beaches for the Fourth of July.A bitter fight over the carrier's reserves led to a partial state government shutdown...
July 4, 2017 | By Allison Bell, ThinkAdvisor


5 Worst States for Insurance Producer Fines

   Some states hit insurance producers with a lot more than others, and some are more likely to impose a fine than to get a producer to pay any ill-gotten money back to the customers. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners gives a little information about trends in producer fines....
July 2, 2017 | By Think Advisor

10 big settlements in 401(k) excessive-fee lawsuits

   Lawsuits attacking allegedly excessive 401(k) fees, both for investment management and recordkeeping and administration, have proliferated since roughly the middle of the 2000s, when attorney Jerry Schlichter began bringing them en masse against large U.S. corporations. Many have settled since then, including a recent self-dealing lawsuit involving American Airlines and an affiliated investment management firm...
July, 2017 | By Greg Iacurci

5 Things to Know About the Senate Health Bill

   Republicans hold just 52 seats in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is struggling to get more conservative and more moderate Republicans to unite behind the version of the Affordable Care Act change bill released Thursday. At press time, at least eight Republican senators were publicly expressing skepticism about the idea of voting for the bill.
June 23, 2017 | By Think Advisor


Why people buy insurance from you

   Several years ago as an active insurance agent, I become curious about why my current clients selected me as their agent. Let’s face it, there are countless agents to choose from both locally and online. I wanted to get to the heart of the matter on how I earned their business. I set out to ask the simple question, “What is the No. 1 reason you chose to do business with me?...
June 7, 2017 | By Brent Kelly