Cold Calling Tips & Scripts for Insurance Agents

Cold Calling Tips & Scripts for Insurance Agents

August, 2017 | By PermissionGroup


First off… let’s clear the air.

Cold calling works, it still works for today’s insurance agents, and it produces tremendous results. Just because the fear of rejection might be lessened in other forms of prospecting and marketing doesn’t mean cold calling is ineffective. Not in the least.

Cold calling is not dead.


Sure, things like social media and email marketing are also good, but don’t count cold calling as dead, outdated, or something only the older insurance agents do.

Cold calling works and it works in amazing ways and can result in tens of thousands of dollars in new business commission this year. But you’ll have to make the cold calls to find out for yourself.

What to Say in a Cold Call

There’s no perfect cold-calling script, but maybe this will help you understand what works and what doesn’t, and why.

QUESTION: Which of the following two cold-calling scripts do you think works better at getting people’s attention and ultimately an appointment?

  1. “Hello, my name is Charles Specht and I’m with Permission Insurance, Inc. Our firm has been in existence since 1954 and we are experts at many types of insurance, particularly auto insurance. Our service people are truly some of the best in the industry and we represent most of the major insurance carriers writing your industry. We have very competitive rates and I’d like to meet with you for 15 minutes or so to see if I can save you any money. How does this Tuesday at 1:30pm sound?”
  2. “15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance.”

Well … #2 works better because it is short, sweet, and has a juicy Carrot on the end of a stick that you want to take a bite out of. And that’s the key.

(PS: Thanks Geico, for your help on this one!)

The Cold Call Carrot

You need a C3, which stands for Cold Call Carrot.

When it comes to cold calling, you need to throw out your big Carrot in the first two or three sentences, and then STOP TALKING.

So figure out what your Carrot is.

No…seriously…figure it out BEFORE you make the calls!


It might be, for example:

  • Our workers’ compensation program is saving other box manufacturers in California, just like yours, anywhere from 33%-67% off their total annual insurance costs. Are you interested?
  • Our Social Services program will give you unlimited Defense Costs, we write 57 other adoption agencies in Florida, and we’re 27% less expensive than most other carriers. Are you interested?
  • By combining your health insurance policy and your worker’s compensation renewal with our agency, we’re often able to convince underwriters to offer you an additional credit on their quote, which you wouldn’t otherwise receive. Are you interested?

Basically, you tell the prospect who you are, throw out the major PROBLEM THEY ARE EXPERIENCING AND WHAT YOUR SOLUTION TO IT IS, ask for an appointment to see if they will qualify, and be quiet.

Don’t talk too much. Make it a few sentences, and then just be quiet and don’t break the silence. Let them be the first to speak.

But make sure your offering is a truthful, ethical, mouth-wateringly attractive Carrot……the “reason” they should be interested and will want to meet with you.

What if I Make Your Cold Calls?

Maybe I would say something like this if I was making your cold calls…

“Hello John, and thanks for taking my call. My name is Charles and I solve problems for structural steel erection contractors, just like your company. I insure 27 other such contractors around the country and my policy provides “Completed Operations” coverage to satisfy all the certificate requirements of your general contractors. My sales rate has been roughly 27% less than the other carriers writing structural steel erection contractors. Are you interested?”

Write out your Carrot, use it, memorize it…and it will become your elevator pitch!

So… what is your C3? What is your Cold Call Carrot?

PS: Good luck on the cold calls, and sell some profitable business!

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